Why Does My Lower Left Side Hurt When I Cough Or Sneeze?


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Hm, there are several things that could cause this - but without knowing your medical history, it’s hard to tell you exactly what the problem is!

What’s The Most Common Cause Of Lower Stomach Pain When Sneezing And Coughing?
Usually, pain when sneezing or coughing - especially when it’s only on one side of your stomach - is caused by a pulled muscle.

You can pull muscles through strenuous exercise, or by coughing or sneezing a lot. If you’ve got a cold or the flu, it’s quite likely that you’ve pulled a muscle by constantly tensing up (which is what happens when you cough or sneeze).

What If The Pain’s Been Happening For A While?
If this isn’t a recent development, then it’s possible that the pain is more serious than just a muscle injury.

Obviously, I can’t see exactly where the pain’s coming from, but if it’s in front of your kidney, then you might have a stomach abscess or a kidney stone.

If you think this is the case, you should really make an appointment to see your doctor.

What Should I Tell The Doctor, And What Should I Expect?
Try feeling your stomach, and see if it hurts to touch. Let your doctor know if there are any other situations that cause the same pain, and alert them of any other symptoms that you might be having.

The doctor will probably ask for a urine sample, send you for blood-work, and maybe do several other tests, just to make sure everything’s okay.

Luckily, doctors are good at treating these sorts of things, so try not to stress yourself out too much!
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If it has been like this for years it is probably not anything too serious, but you should get it checked. It could be a pinched nerve or something similar, but get it checked.I suggest you Home remedies for cough through this you get instant of knowledge about How do you get rid from  cough .

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I have the same problem, I think it could be kidney stones.

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