What Does A Mercer Rash Look Like?


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The first signs of Mercer rash consist of small reddish lumps that are similar to pimples. Other less obvious signs are vomiting, diarrhea, chills, headaches and a shortness of breath, these symptoms can occur for various reasons but combined with the pimple like effect on the skin are tell-tale signs of Mercer rash.

The extent of the illness varies depending on factors such as the age, sex and general health of the person but as a MRSA infection it is important to deal with the rash as early as possible. Different tests will be taken to test the body's reaction to antibiotics in order to find one that will work, this needs to be constantly reviewed in case the condition develops a resistance to the antibiotic.

As a bacterial infection the rash can be present in the body for up to a week before it is noticed, if the rash is found in someone receiving hospital treatment or who has suffered a cut or open the seriousness of the condition could escalate. Mercer's rash was first identified in 1968 and is an adaptable infection, quickly capable of developing resistance to new antibiotics.

As a bug likely to be found in hospitals, in common with other MRSA infections, it is advisable to wash your hands as often as possible to minimize the risk of infection. Clearly the more often you visit a hospital or medical center the higher the risk of infection, so it is advisable to be extra cautious in these environments.

Another useful tip to minimize infection, whether from Mercer's rash or any other infection is to regularly use a bacterial wash, as with most illnesses and infections, prevention is better than cure.

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