Does Fibromyalgia Cause Small Knots In Your Muscles? I Have Lumps In My Muscles All Over, And They Hurt When They Are Touched.


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Yes, those lumps are a fluid buildup in the muscle and they do hurt when touched.  But I can tell you from experience, if you can find a good massage therapist who will work with you and massage out these knots, you'll feel a lot of relief.  It's hellish during the massage but the good feelings afterwards usually last me about a week; as long as I don't have any additional stress.
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I have had a lump/ hard muscle as I would call it (running down the back of my neck and somewhere around my scapula) feels really hard and has bothered me for years. And absolutely no amount of massaging will lessen the lump or stiff feeling nor the pain. Sometimes it feels like the most intense burning and stabbing pain. I have yet to find anything to relieve the pain.
I was diagnosed 5 years ago w/ fibromyalgia.  Before I got my answer whether I had it, I could just barely touch any spot on my body and it hurt.  It can make some of your glands and lynfnoids come up from time to time.  We have these all over our body.  Have you seen a doctor about this?  If not, you really should see a doctor to rule out any other possibilities.  There are other health issues that can cause your problems you are having.  I strongly recommend that you see a doctor as soon as you can!!!
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Hello! I recently encountered a similar problem. My shoulders hurt a lot. I did not know what to do. I visited three doctors. Each of them gave me different diagnoses and prescribed different medications. In the end, none of them could help me.

Then I decided to try a massage. They helped, but not for long. I realized that massage is the right way to recovery, so I bought a vaunted shoulder massager, and I was not mistaken! After a month of daily massages, there was no sign of shoulder pain. All thanks to this page

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Hi, I have been tested for ruematiod arthritis and I'm negative< I have crohns disease, I have painful joints and lumps on the top of my hands, The biopsy showed fiborous tissue with chronic inflamation< could I have fibromylaga?

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