Are There Lymph Nodes In Your Lower Back?


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Actually there are lymph glands throughout the body. Sounds like a muscular problem to me also. I would check with a doctor on this one. Feel Better!!
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I can feel two lumps on either side of lower back. For the last year one has been swelled and is causing backache. I'm very worried about it,also had very itchy skin and bruising. Last time I went doctors she said it was a fatty lump.
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Actually I was wondering the same thing! I can feel a little bump under the surface in my lower back about two inches from in my left side and and inch above my waist band when I sit and lean to one side. (i.e. Lean to left to feel left one and vice-versa). Found it by accident when rubbing my back while on the pc. It feels like a ball, but then it could be a bit of a bone or something else I suppose. It's not sore, just noticed that it was there.
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Lymph nodes are located in your arm-pit area, under your jaw, and in your groin area.They produce lymphocytes that aid in your immune system.
"knots" in your lower back typically are tight muscles. If a good back rub or aspirin doesn't take care of it, see a doctor to be sure that it isn't something a bit more serious.

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