Does Anxiety Attacks Effect Your Heart Rate, Like Fluttering, And Some Muscle Stiffness?


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Anxiety causes the body to release a burst of adrenalin into the blood which causes a fight or flight response in increasing heartrate and pulse. Speeding up of the heart is normal under stressful circumstances, but prolonged runs of fast heartbeat, tachycardia, need special medical treatment.
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Hi Tonya,

I have had anxiety attacks in the past, and they can do lots of nasty things to you, including an elevated heart rate, confusion and disorientation among other things. One of my doctors was kind enough to give me a mild relaxant to take when I began to feel overwhelmed, which is what it really amounts to, and it helped tremendously. Call the doctor.

My prayers and blessings are with you during your time of uncertainty.

Please let me know how you are doing.
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Yes anxiety are the scariest thing one can go through ive had them since I was 14 and I'm 34
now so there are different things you could feel
racing heart
short of breath
muscle spasms
one time I thought I was having stroke my hands started cramping and closing up it took awhile to get them to open its a scary thing.
You have to find a way to calm your self down before they get out of hand like start cleaning that always helps me or get on the phone and talk about something you like don't sit and think about it makes it worse
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Yes, anxiety attacks can affect the heart rate and it also depends upon the type of anxiety attack one have. You must consult doctor for medication.
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Hey my name is Chris and I'm 16 and I get anxiety fearing that I may get a heart attack or my heart may stop and when I do get anxiety I often feel fluttering in my chest then my heart starts racing.
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Anxiety attacks can do almost anything.They have the weirdest symptoms.Be sure tachy or bradychardia has been ruled out,along with murmur or palpiations with an ekg.But for the most part yes-anxiety attacks can do those things,typically associated with fear of health trouble at the time of the attack.
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Yes, anxiety attacks can cause the heart rate to increase (I know since I used to have them years ago). I never had muscle stiffness though.

What you can do to relieve anxiety attacks is to breathe slowly and deeply, focus your attention on something else (such as counting tiles on the floor) and some herbal remedies such as Kava Kava have helped many people (it helped me). Green tea is also very good.

Consult a doctor if you continue having the attacks.

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