What Can You Do For An Enlarged And Painful Parotid Gland That's Caused By Sjogrens?


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Anti-biotic and pain medicine. See your rheumatologist. If you don't have a rheumatologist, get one. This happens to me a lot in the 10+ years since I was diagnosed with sjogrens. I will tell you one (weird) thing I discovered that may/maynot help when your gland has FIRST signs of swelling pain. When in Florida I started having swelling in my paroidid gland (again). While trying to figure out what hospital to go to I ate some very ripe papaya. Strange as this seems my gland drainned. I could even feel and taste (gross) the fluid in my mouth. I then started to massage my gland and all the swelling went down. No doctors visit. Now when I get FIRST signs of pain and swelling my husband runs to the store and buys a papaya and I pig out on it. I have only had to see the doctor for anti-biotics once for a swollen gland since finding the papaya helped open up the plugged gland and drain it with the help of the gentle massaging. I told my rhematologist about this and although he found it interesting he said very little. I have no documented proof that the papaya helped but it has worked for me many times.
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Thank you for the info about the papaya. My entire right side of my face and ear has been terribly painful for two days, my right parodid gland is always swollen. Sometimes both sides swell, I try massaging best I can... A few years back I had seen 3 different ENT's. The first two were idiots told me nothing wrong with my ear, made me take hearing tests, etc- Had inner ear pain for years.. The 3rd ENT thought I could have Sjoegrens Syndrome. I went to a rheumatologist here and she was very rude. I live in Kansas and most everyone that lives here has never heard of it, don't think the rheumatologist has either.. Now have had no insurance for a year and not able to see anyone.. The ENT prescribed me pilocarpine which help to stimulate the salivary glands, but nothing for the pain of my entire body. No one has ever given me firm diagnosis, but I have all the symptoms. I will try papaya!

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