What Is Pharangitis?


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As the term indicates, pharyngitis is an infection of the pharynx. The infection and subsequent inflammation of the pharynx is caused by bacteria, virus, and other such micro-organisms, and almost always manifests first in the form of a sore throat. The sore throat is usually characterized by irritation and subsequent hoarseness of the voice. Pharyngitis is infectious. In a family, it can quickly spread from one person to the rest. Though it is harmless, pharyngitis caused by the streptococcus strain of bacteria, specifically Group A Streptococcus, can result in a more serious condition called 'strep throat'. Strep throat can set off a chain of complications, from high fever to streptococcal toxic shock syndrome.

Generally, pharyngitis is curable and not too severe an ailment. The usual symptom is a sore throat; however, depending on the type of pharyngitis – viral, bacterial, etc. – other symptoms may show up, including a runny nose, fever (in some cases), etc. An advanced stage of pharyngitis can cause the person to find it hard to swallow food and even liquids. In rare cases, even breathing may seem to be a problem.

Generally, pharyngitis can be treated by gargling regularly with salt water, adequately covering up the throat region so it is not exposed to the cold (as pharyngitis is usually seen during the winter and rainy seasons), and use of medicine prescribed by the doctor. Antibiotics may be prescribed for viral pharyngitis.
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Above Ok except there is no role for antibiotics in a viral infection. to clarify Pharyngitis is inflammation of the pharynx or in simpler terms, a sore throat

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