How Long Can A Person With Cirrhosis Of The Liver Live?


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The life expectancy of a patient suffering from cirrhosis will depend on the stage of the condition which they are currently suffering from. In addition, if the disease was induced because of an excessive consumption of alcohol, and this drinking problem is continuing despite the diagnosis, it could catalyse the development of scar tissue in the liver, causing the organ to malfunction and shut down. As we are seeing, the level of time a person can live with cirrhosis of the liver varies on a case-by-case basis.

In stage four of cirrhosis of the liver, when the condition reaches its most serious and critical, the long-term prospects of the patient aren’t good unless a suitable liver transplant is found. If you feel sick all the time, unusually tired, not hungry and have extensive pain and swelling in the legs, this could be an indicator of cirrhosis of the liver. One of the main problems with this condition is that symptoms aren’t usually prevalent in the early stages, and this means that the issue is only detected when the condition is far too developed for anything effective to be done about it. A premature visible indicator of cirrhosis can be jaundice, and this is where the skin begins to yellow because the liver cannot clean the blood and dispose of chemicals as effectively as it could.

Doctors are able to provide some treatments to alleviate the problems caused by cirrhosis of the liver, but it’s generally accepted that the condition will get progressively worse in a patient. To prevent this disease, drinking moderately if not at all can be vital to protect the vital functionality of the liver.
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Cirrhosis of liver is characterized by formation of scars on the liver due to prolong liver diseases including viral infections and excessive use of alcohol. Once cirrhosis occurs then no treatment is available to bring things back to normal. However, if it is diagnosed early then damage can be restricted or minimized. That is why survival of a person with liver cirrhosis depends upon stage of the disease. 50% of the people with severe liver cirrhosis can die within one year. Five year survival rate of moderate and mild liver cirrhosis is 70% and 80%, respectively.
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If the person is in early stages they can live for quite a long time probably decades but if in end stages probably not so long.

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