What Are Possible Causes For A Low Immunoglobulin Count?


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Immunoglobulins are more commonly known as antibodies, if it appears that you have a low count then you may simply have been born with an immune system that creates low levels of antibodies. However, it may also be in response to a disease such as cancer.

A low level of antibodies can result from treatment you receive during cancer. For example, chemotherapy, which is a treatment option administered to cancer patients, may cause the level of antibodies to drop. In addition, you may have a disease caused from an infection which destroys the quantity of available antibodies and prevents the normal production and functionality of them indirectly.

Sometimes new-born babies will experience a low count of immunoglobulin as their immune system is not mature enough to produce antibodies. In this case, unborn babies rely on the antibodies from their mother which is passed through while in the womb.

If your low level of antibodies is genetic then they are not preventable, however there are some treatments that can help boost the levels of immunoglobulin in your blood. Such treatments can simply include drinking a lot of orange juice as it contains high levels of vitamin C. This particular vitamin is one of the best natural ways to improve antibody levels in your blood. You could also eat more cauliflower, broccoli and strawberries to get a good dose of vitamin C.

Eating turkey will also help improve your levels of antibodies due to its level of zinc it contains. Another one of the best foods you could eat is garlic as consuming garlic will multiply your antibodies as well as making them stronger by inducing white blood cells. In addition, garlic has been shown to help prevent certain forms of cancer.
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The count 58, but I don't have any other symptoms except the Immunoglobulin M is 772.
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Immunoglobulins are basically antibodies. They are kind of proteins that are found in blood and are used by the immune system for identifying and neutralizing foreign objects like bacteria and virus. There are various causes of low immunoglobulin count, the details can be seen at the link below:

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