What Would Cause Low Sugar Count?


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A large decrease in glucose levels in the body, an increase in body weight or fainting causes low sugar count. Low sugar has a greater effect on the body's health than high sugar. So when a person feels highly tired and is fainting, let him have sweets like sugar , chocolate, and so-on so that he can compensate for the low sugar level.
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A drop in the level of blood sugar is commonly known as low blood sugar. In the field of medicine, the term blood sugar is defined as a term which is used to refer to the levels of glucose in the blood of a human being.

Therefore, when a person complains of low blood sugar, he or she is actually referring to a drop in the levels of glucose which are present in his or her blood. Some people also complain either of drowsiness or of impairment in their cognitive functions. These symptoms are typically known to occur several hours after they have had their meals.

Drowsiness or impairment in the cognitive functions, which are symptoms that occur several hours after people have had their meals, are commonly related to a lower level of blood sugar or a drop in the level of glucose in the blood of a human being.

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