What Is A Low Liver Count Mean?


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A low liver count is a warning sign rather than a real diagnosis to what may be wrong with the liver. Therefore, if your blood test shows up a ‘value’ or number measurement that gives concern, you will be told further testing will be required and will be referred to a local hospital, liver specialist centre or clinic.

Here, more specific blood samples may be taken for tests involving liver function, virology (viruses) and immunology (antibodies). Sometimes genetic studies are also requested to check for hereditary diseases.

To get a fuller picture of your diagnosis, you may need a scan of your stomach. This is usually an ultrasound scan in the first instance. You will be booked in for testing under the name of a consultant. Although the consultant has the overall responsibility for your treatment, these doctors practise at different levels of experience and responsibility and so it is useful to write down the names of the consultant, as well as the doctor you saw on the day of your visit.

Doctors may also refer you to a radiologist to help them confirm your diagnosis. Other tests include an ultrasound, CT (cat) scan, MRI scan and liver biopsy. When there are problems with the blood flow to your liver, an angiogram may be performed.
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My results for liver came back low thats all I was told what does low liver mean

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