How To Deal With Sharp Upper Back Pain On Spine?


2 Answers

Jessica raymond Profile
Jessica raymond answered
Well I have the same problem,I use a heating pad for maybe 20 minutes before going to bed,well that's when I do it...But try that for 15-20 when you are hurting and please let me know if that helped...I know the feeling..I hope you feel better soon...Jessica
Bruce Tillson Profile
Bruce Tillson answered
It could be related to many factors. Have you seen a doctor about this? Or even a Chiropractor? I injured my back very severely in 1999 and was told by the doctors that I would probably have to live with the pain and partial paralysis for the rest of my life. I suffered for almost 2 years before a friend recommended me to his Chiropractor. I was walking with two canes when I started seeing the Chiro. 4 months later I was without the canes, without any severe pain , no paralysis and I am working harder that I ever did. No, I am not a chiropractor but I do believe that they can do wonders.

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