Can Untreated Lyme Disease Cause Leukemia?


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I had Lyme disease first and then several years later developed leukemia.  I am convinced that the two are related.  In Britain, a longitudinal study was performed that shows that after outbreaks of the flu the incidence of leukemia spikes.  Extrapolating from that, I figured that having a very strong immune response could in and of itself increase the possibility of leukemia.  But I have also noted on websites that Bb may result in new genetic material being introduced into our cells, and that it does impact the immune cells.
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Hello, I realize your post is a couple of years old, but I was interested in how you progressed with your treatment of leukemia and how you are doing now. My step-dad was diagnosed with lymes disease and a few months later (last week) was diagnosed with leukemia. I too, am convinced the two are related and was wondering if you have any more info on this.

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