I Am Constipated, I Go, But I Feel Still Clog. I Also Get Panic Attack, Burning Sensation In My Chest, Breast Arms, And So Forth. Is This Ibs, Stress Or Another Serious Condition?


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Hi jingles61,

That's what constipation is all about! You go a little and you feel terrible for a few more hours or days and then you go a little more. It's a vicious cycle, but once you find the cause of your constipation and get a little more regular you'll feel better, believe me.

It sounds like you are having a panic attack, but there's only one way to be sure ... SEE YOUR DOCTOR!!! I'd hate for it to be something more than that, which could have been properly treated if only you had gone to the doctor for treatment sooner.

I've had panic attacks, and I've had palpitations with those attacks, but I never a burning in the chest during the attack. I've also got a hiatal hernia and G.E.R.D., but I've never had a burning in my chest during those flare-ups either.

You should try MiraLax for your constipation; it works very gently, and there is no running to and from the bathroom. I use it because the medications I am on for my M.S. Sometimes constipate me, so I know first-hand that the MiraLax works well.

Please make an appointment with your doctor as soon as possible and please be sure to let me know how it goes. Jo
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Go get your self a some stool softener for the constipation. This will take care of the problem with then 2 days,keep taking for at least a week or two until you feel regular.whats good about softer is there no running to bath room.if you are taking meds this could be causing the constipation,you should have them adjusted or changed or get a script for gacolax it safer to use on regular baises.or it all could be as simple as changing your diet.heart burn-if you have heart burn all the time have doc give you script for ranitidine ,but beware this med will cause constipation. If you get no resolve within a week or so go see your doctor. The last thing you want, is to have to be put in hosp. To have them remove it for you. Good luck.
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Your anxiety attacks can be caused by passing to big of stools in which activates your vagus nerve which is located in your anal canal when activated affects the heart seek medical attention .
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Your main problem is constipation. That's why doctors say that constipated is the root cause of several illnesses. Constipation can cause burning sensation in stomach and oesophagus. It is high probability that your chest burning is because of burning in oesophagus. Constipation is the mother of all diseases. Its better to treat it and nip in the bud. Have yogurt, flaxseed, 15 glasses of water daily, and do fast. If it doesn't work, go to doctor. Stress does not cause constipation. Or burning sensation in the chest.

Take care.

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