What Cause Pain Under Left Shoulder Blade And Left Breast?


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There could be many causes and the first thing I should say to you is to go and see your doctor to see what they think is causing the pain. Not only will they be able to diagnose you but they will also provide you with the necessary treatment and medication to ensure that if it is a serious issue, then it is dealt with accordingly.

One problem could be either the gallbladder or gallstones. One of the biggest indications that an individual is suffering from either gallstones or a gallbladder disease is pain in the right shoulder blade. This pain will begin under the right shoulder blade and eventually radiate out to different areas of the body. The pain can often be mild, simply feeling like a knotted muscle. Many people experience quite severe pain, however. The severe pain from the gallbladder attack starts in the right shoulder blade and then leaves the person struggling to breathe given that the pain is that bad. That is why it's important that you go and see your doctor as soon as possible, as they will be able to help you more than the Internet can. By searching online you may find a condition that you might be suffering from but you will not get the necessary treatment.

It could also be a liver abscess. The liver in the human body can be found just below the rib cage. So when the liver is suffering or is damaged, the pain will be felt below the shoulder blade on the back. Liver abscesses can be treated, but they are caused by a bacterial infection and can be very serious. The bacteria actually leave a hole in the liver and the hold quickly becomes a breeding ground for the bacteria. One of the major signs is the shoulder pain, but it can often be accompanied by flu-like symptoms and a fever as well.
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Yesterday I had all the pain I could stand.  For a week now, I have had extreme burning pain under my left shoulder blade which radiated through to the front and into my breast.  Sitting and driving made it almost unbearable.  So, I went to the ER last night for fear of a heart attack.  The EKG was fine, the chest X ray was fine, the gall bladder testing was fine, so the doc concluded that it was pleurisy or bursitis.  He gave me muscle relaxers and anti-inflammatory meds which I have been taking since I got home.  They don't make the pain go away but they make me sleep.  I'm alternating hot pad and ice pack but they only provide temp relief.  I tried to work from home today but when I took a rather tense phone call, I thought I was going to die.  Stress obviously makes it worse.

So it sounds like there are a lot of us out there.  I hate this. My poor husband is really getting tired of hearing me complain all the time.

Anybody got any better cures????
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I have the same problem. I am an otherwise healthy/active 24 year old female. The pain under my left breast feels stabbing and there is an uncomfortable pressure under my left shoulder blade.
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Would not attempt to try to tell you what it is, because I'm not a doctor nor a medical person in anyway, but we do know your heart is located farherest to the left that leads me to advise you to see a doctor for some real and straight answers...the best to you

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