How Do You Know If You Have Asthma?


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You need to see your family doctor, your dr will listen to your concerns, ask questions about your history, then examine you, the dr may need to do lung function tests, some drs do these tests in their office and other drs refer patients to a lung specialist or hospital respiratory therapy dept for lung function tests, these tests are painless, no needles, please see your doctor -- lots of effective treatments available.
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Well listen to me because I have asthma too.
When you are near sertain animals,freshly cut grass or dustmites you automaticly think of hayfever but if your chest begins to tightens shortness of breath and weezyness it may be asthma.the first thing you do is tell your parents and leave the burdin on them.if your   an adult begin to hoover everyday polish and change your bedsheeds more than normally and you see a difference you may have it if that dosnt work you still have to go to the doctors and they will no 4 sure.they will give you 2 inhalers.1 called the reliever this will instantly help you   to breath fast take it 2se and breath in for 10 secs at a time(shake before use)and a preventer one which helps to prevent weezynes and syptoms take 2se a day same instructions.

I know this a bit more than you asked but I'm only here to help byexxxx
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If normal tasks such as walking,jogging, or even slight exercises result in shortness of breathe.Also if you have a feeling of not inhaling enough oxygen when out of breathe are sure signs of asthma.
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Physical activity isn't the only thing that can bring on an asthma attack, and there are other conditions that can cause the wheezing. In either case, take DR-Lynn's advice. See your doctor.
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I have the same problems and I'm not sure if I do or don't I hardly ever go to the doctor waste of money as I see it
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It's hard to explain and I'm not sure it's the same for everyone. If you've ever broken ribs you'd kinda have an idea how it feels. People's definitions of 'can't breathe' are very different, but if you really can't breathe. Go see a doctor.

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