After Gall Bladder Removal Do You Normally Gain A Lot Of Weight If You Still Eat The Same As Before?


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Do you mean eat the same rubbish as before or eat the things that you could only eat when you had the pains? If you return to eating cream cakes and chips and MUCK Donalds etc then you will risk your health and put on weight. Your liver now has to work much harder as you have no gall bladder to sort out the fat  (laymans terms, I'm not a doctor). I had keyhole gallbladder op 3 years ago and have put on some weight. 2 reasons for this: Before the op, I only ate cauliflower and boiled chicken as anything else hurt and made me throw up, so therefore as I'm eating more normally now some weight has gone back on. I am partial to cake so I eat quite a bit. I don't smoke, drink alcohol or eat chocolate so I'm entitled to a little pleasure.

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