How Serious Can A Seizures Be If Untreated?


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Seizures are basically a symptom of a problem of the brain. They are caused because of sudden, abnormal electrical activity in the brain. Seizures can get very complicated if proper treatment is not provided. All seizures must be reported to a doctor, even if they are of a mild nature. They can be life threatening and can cause a stroke or meningitis.
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I have epilepsy and it is very serious condition. Your boyfriend has to go to the doctor. If he has grand mal seizures and seizes for 5-7 minutes that can cause more damage to his brain. I have had epilepsy for 15yrs and it's no fun. So please get him to the doctor. There is different kinds of epilepsy and you have to find out what he has and how to treat it. If you need anymore help feel to send a message to me. Good Luck!!!!
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Low blood sugar and drinking too much will not cause epilepsy, but a brain injury will. He really needs to see a doctor about this, he may need anti-epilepsy medication, at the very least he needs monitoring. He will also have to surrender his driving license.

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