Can A Person With Untreated Bipolar Be Violent, Especially With The Use Of Alcohol?


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Oh my gosh yes, you don't even want to know!
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First, is this person diagnosed or just having signs of Bi-polar? Getting properly diagnosed is very important here. 2 reasons why...kind of like the chicken or the egg theory. If the person has bi-polar and not being treated with medication, then alcohol is what they are probably using to self-medicate.
Second, is there a history of alcohol abuse? Often people with the disorder will drink in an attempt to stop or slow down the mania symptoms. If the drinking continues beyond the mania stage, then the alcohol can make the depressive episode magnified by ten fold...then you have irritability, anger and worse suicidal thoughts.
Many bi-polars abuse alcohol or other drugs and they are at greater risk of suicide because of it.

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YES!!! If they aren't violent, then they might at the very least be aggressive. This person you are talking about, should really get some help, before they do something that they will really regret. Hope this helps, good luck to you all.

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