Why Does My Blood Pressure Drop In The Afternoon?


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Hi TGAR: This is a tough one right off the mark. You have to consider your history AND your family's. It's important to take it at the same time (preferably restful) and to take it correctly. Don't use a wristband tester. They work but you 'have to know' it's limitations. I think the cuff (or device) must be at the same level as your heart or you could go a few points either way. Stopping or reducing medication without a long enough trial might be counter-productive. The bottom figure is the more important one although both are needed. I find if I increase activity or reduce my salt intake the top number comes down. Whatever you do give it time and try not to change too many of your habits (unless they are really bad) so you can see if the meds are helping. Hope you feel better.
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It might be because of an afternoon nap. At that time, the blood pressure and heart rate decreases as we sleep. Some researchers have hypothesized that lower blood pressure reduces strain on the heart and decreases the risk of a fatal heart attacks.
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It could also be because of heat. It tends to get hotter in the afternoons so make sure you have a good lunch and keep cool. Best thing to do is consult your doctor, though.

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