Does Kerosene Get Rid Of Lice?


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Yes, kerosene will kill lice however, it also will kill your scalp if you have been itching like crazy which obviously you have been! But yes if you can stand it this method has been used for many many years.  My grand ma and pa used to use it on all the family when they grew up things were different then and they had no money for doctors and prescriptions and that was that they poured kerosene in the hair top of head first with a cloth over their eyes and rub it into the scalp left it on as long as they could bare it approximately 10 minutes ands then rinsed and rinsed and rinsed waited another 10 minutes then shampoo the hair vigorously and no nits or lice or eggs poof magic!
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We always made a mixture of 1/4 of Kerosene to 3/4 of cheap shampoo.  We put it in a mason jar and wash our hair with it about once a week.  As a teenager it was the only thing that worked for me - I have VERY thick hair.  It smells REALLY bad - and I wouldn't go near a flame or smoke a ciggie - but for me it seems to work.  I don't use it on my kids - just don't feel right abut that - but I have used it on myself.

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