Is Pain Burning Behind The Breast Bone That Radiates Into The Back Between The Shoulder Blades A Symptom Of Gall Bladder ?


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Hi judee,

About 5 years ago I was having terrible pain in my chest and back, and when I couldn't take it any more -- couldn't sit, stand or lay down, my husband took me to the emergency room where I spent 8 hours.

No one knew why I was having such pain; my X-rays were good, my labs were eh, ok. So the doctor sent me home with orders for an ultrasound on my gallbladder and liver, but those didn't show anything either so I was sent for an endoscopy, where they sedate you and lower a camera with a light down your throat to examine your upper digestive tract. The endoscopy proved that I had a haital hernia and chronic gastritis. OUCH!! Very painful.

Please see your doctor as soon as you can! Please do not hesitate to contact me if you need to talk.

Best wishes and good luck,

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Look up gallbladder.... That sounds like a gallbladder .... You might have a gallstone ... That hits women at age 40 and up ...
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I think you need to get to the doctor as soon as you can. It doesn't mean that you aren't susceptible to a heart attack if there isn't a family history of it, you can be. I would especially go if you are having pain in your arm while this his going on. My husband was 43 when he had a heart attack. Hope this helps, good luck to you.
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I'm a33 year old female with pain under my left breast bone which can radiate through to my back. The pain is a stabbing pain and ive had a couple of times before . It hurts to breath in at times and can last about 20mins then subsides but this time my left arm is aching a bit too do you think this heart related?
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Can be related!  I would definately tell my doctor so that they can be proactive and do an ultrasound so that you are sure.
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Could be.  I had those same symptoms only I continually vomitted every other day.  Thats when you know that you are too close for comfort.  Your symptoms need too checked out by a qualified physician.  Please go to the doctor right now.  I waited too late.
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Friday evening I had Mexican and I have been in pain since.
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I had my gall bladder removed and it hurts under my breastbone and I the back and lately ive been nauseated and throwing up. I ned relief what is the problem
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No this is not symptom of gall bladder. Stones in gall bladder can cause pain. Majority of time there is no pain in the presence of these stones but they can cause. These stones can be removed surgically. The reasons for your problem can be other.

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