Can Waist Pain Cause Infertility In Women?


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I always experience terrible pain in my back waste bone and one of my tube  blocked. Can this cause infertility?
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Infertility due to waist pain depends upon cause of abdominal pain. If cause is related with the reproductive system then there are chances of infertility. Usually pelvic inflammatory disease can cause infertility. If you are having pain in your waist then visit a doctor for treatment which depends upon accurate diagnosis.
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No, Infertility is not always a female’s problem. Both females and males
can have problems that cause Infertility. About one-third of
Infertility cases are attributed to females’ problems. Another one-third
of fertility problems are attributed to the males’ issues. The other
cases are caused either out of a mixture of male and female problems or out of unknown problems.

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