My Blood Pressure Is 110/60, Is It Normal?


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In short, yes. However, blood pressure ideals are different depending on differing factors such as age and gender. As long as you are an adult (a child's reading would be different) then 110/ 60 is perfectly normal and within the ideal range for blood pressure readings.

The important thing to remember is not to get blasé about your blood pressure just because it is a healthy reading; blood pressure readings can change very rapidly given changes in lifestyle and you still need to maintain a healthy diet. It is not just lack of exercise and unhealthy eating which contributes to high blood pressure; stress can also be a significant factor. Even if you eat healthily and are of normal weight, blood pressure can still fluctuate - regular monitoring is important.

If your blood pressure reaches 120/80, this is the point of concern. This level although not dangerous yet, suggests that your blood pressure is rising and could cause problems if lifestyle is not altered. It is at this point that the cause of the raised reading should be investigated and addressed promptly in order to return readings to a normal level. If the reading has presented on a home test, make an appointment with a GP to get an accurate reading and to discuss the possible causes. A food diary should be taken to this appointment and be prepared to discuss any stresses which may be present in your routine.

Lifestyle choices and stress are the main factors in unhealthy blood pressure and are easily remedied before the problem becomes serious. Keep a regular check on blood pressure so that action can be taken before it is too late; high blood pressure can result in heart attacks and strokes among many other health issues.
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Depends on your age and lifestyle but a normal adult's blood pressure should be 115/75, so yours is a bit low, but it could be "healthy low" but if you suffer from fatigue and pass out frequently its best to consult a doctor.
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Hi, I'm an 18 year old female and a little overweight. My range of BP falls on 110/60 or 110/50-- is it normal? I do a lot of physical activities, I cycle around my place. Once I tried cycling 28km.

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