What Is The Cure For A Mildly Enlarged Ovary On The Right Side?


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Dear Sir / Madam,
Please suggest me what am do for this problem ? I suffering from Left ovary is mildly enlarged with bilateral poly cystic response . What are the treatment for it ? How can it enlarge pls replay me .
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The only real cure is to have it removed before it may burst on you, and you will have a lot more pain if you don't get it removed, be careful about lifting anything heavy...you need to see a doctor real soon, take care of you, cause there's people who love you, but you got to love You as well.
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Have a laparostomy (I hope I spelled that right) to see what the heck is
going on inside that ovary. It could be a cyst
that isn't showing up on the ultrasound or a small tumor.

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