My White Blood Cell Count Has Been A Little High For A Extended Period Of Time, Why?


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The normal level of white blood cells is 4.3 to 10.8. The higher than these levels can be due to presence of bacterial or viral infection. You have not mentioned what are your levels. The levels higher than 18 can be dangerous and a level of 30 can be due to cancer.
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When the body is ill, white blood count lets us know how severe it is. What we don't want is for them to overtake the red blood cells.  You said it was a little high.  Since you are under a Doctor's care, he is probably aware of it and see no need for concern at this time. I wish you well.
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I  had a diverticulitis infection and was in the hospital .My White blood count in still elevated while on antibiotic.
I am 86 and I am having surgery. What will causes my levels to be high. I also had breast cancer 11 years ago.

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I recently had blood taken as I have had a lump on my neck for almost 6 months, the doctor called me today as my white cell count was high and I have to have this repeated in 1-2 wks. I am totally confused now was told initially they were looking to rule out lymphoma and now I have no idea what they are doing. The waiting is awful, I just want to know what is wrong so it can be dealt with. Does anyone have any ideas please. Jan.
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Why doesn't a doctor tell you what it means instead of me having to research it. I am a adult senior and when someone calls and say it is this number have no clue what it means. Like if I said to you the number 4 means nothing unless you know what come before it.

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