I Have A Low HGB (10.2), BA (0.0), HCT (33.0), MCV (72.5), MCH (22.4) And MCHC (30.9) Yet High RDW-CV At 17.40? Can I Be Anemic Yet Have Too Much Blood?


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Your hemoglobin, MCH are normal MCHC. The RDW is slightly high, HCT and MCV are low. These low levels of HCt and MCV indicate thalassaemia. The iron in the blood are measured by measuring levels of  TIBC, serum iron, ferritin. You have not mentioned the value s of these tests. So I can assume thalassaemia from the data provided by you and for anemia more investigations of iron tests are required. For more informations, visit complete blood count, Thalassaemia.

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