What Helps With The Pain From An Ovarian Cyst?


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The pain during periods can be muscular or it can be due to increased levels of prostaglandins. Both conditions are called dysmenorrhea. The pain can also be due to endometriosis. A differential diagnosis is required by an very expert gynecologist. Because there is slight
difference in the dysmenorrhea and endometriosis pain. The ovarian cyst pain is throughout the month not only during periods. The dysmenorrhea and endometriosis pain is only during periods.
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I can tell you from experience that the only way to heal ovarian cysts is to visit your doctor. Birth control should help with both preventing new cysts to develop and it can even help the current one that you have. You need to go to the doctor because it could be getting larger, and only they will be able to determine the severity. Cysts are very normal and a lot of people get them. Most actually go away on there on, but some need assistance. The doctor will either prescribe some pain relievers like naproxen, and/or put you on birth control. In the long run birth control really helps in preventing cysts. I know many people who have suffered from ovarian cysts simply because they were either never on the pill, or they decided to go off of it. Birth control may have side effects, but it really does help, especially in those with ovarian cysts. I hope this is helpful.
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I've been in your shoes. The pain is so bad that you double over. The medication he has you on is supposed to shrink the cyst or dissolve it. My pain went away by my next menstrual cycle. Hopefully you will get some relief soon. Keep your doctor informed if it gets any worse or doesn't get any better.
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I have an ovarian cyst and I have had it for about 2 months now. I know how it feels to have the pain be in the way of your everyday life. It sucks. My gyno put me on 4 birth control pills a day for about a week and then cataflam which is an anti-inflammatory pill. I will say that it actually takes away the edge off the pain to where it isn't so distracting, but not 100%. I would definitely recommend asking your doctor about that. If you haven't been to a gyno yet, definitely go. They can get an ultrasound to see what it is! Hope this helps!
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Why don't you go back and insist on some help whether this be medication or surgery it is affecting your work and home life now and that must be bad you don't want to be off work every month go and see your gp as you can

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