Is Extreme Hyper-vigilance A Sign Of Bipolar Or Borderline Personality Disorder, Or Both?


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Hyper vigilance is a sign of a problem sometimes it is associated with PTSD or Paranoid schizophrenia. Either way a doctors care is required for this..
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I would have associated hyper vigilance with paranoia rather than polar disorders are more associated with mood swings and personality disorders would be more associated with anti social behaviours. It sounds like a form of paranoid schizophrenia. Ask your doctor for a psychiatric referral if its a family member.
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frank anderson
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It's about my s/o . She's got childhood trauma (incest) issues and i think she's bordelinedisorder, paranoid personalty disorder and maybe more .
Penny Kay
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Having Alcoholic, or abusive parents is a reason also for hyper vigilance. Childhood trauma also could cause it. I am bi-polar and an abuse survivor of alcoholic parents, I used to be and sometimes still am hyper vigilant. I had a bunch of initials next to my name and a chart in several hospitals so large they need to transfer it by cart! I am also an incest survivor. She will need lots of help! I did and I got it and I am much better today!
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Hyper vigilance is also an distinct symptom of Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD). Childhood and in uetro trauma can cause RAD. My step-son is extremely hyper-vigilant and after diagnosis of bi-polar, depression, PSTD, we found the root cause as an Attachment Disorder and he has made  huge progress.

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