Has Anyone Committed Suicide Or Killed Some One Do To Bipolar Disorder?


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I am bi-polar. I would say that mood swings (particularly severe ones) can cause a person to behave pretty out-of-character. I have definitely had times when I felt that life was not worth living. I have lived in extreme poverty under ridiculously dangerous and destitute conditions. But right now I am very stable at work, at home, and in my personal relationships. I have never felt homicidal or suicidal. I would argue to say that suicide could definitely be brought on by clinically significant, untreated mood swings. As far as homicide, if you are asking this question about someone that you know, I'd say use your judgement. Sociopathy, psychopathy, and schizophrenia are more likely to cause homicidal tendencies than bi-polar.

As far as the custody question, if someone is relatively stable, it shouldn't matter one bit if they have a diagnosis. I know many parents who have not been diagnosed with mental illness who are far less fit to raise children than most manic depressives that I know. Custody should be based (in my opinion) on the stability of the parent (financial & emotional) and the feelings of the children involved. I am also a child of divorced parents. Not that it makes me the ultimate authority, but I do have some first hand experience.
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When a person loses it senses and get shocks of manic and depression then he can do anything. He can commit a suicide or killed someone but only in the condition of extreme bipolar disorder. Minor attacks can be addressed with will power and medicines.

In my opinion there is no harm for granting a custody of the kid in bipolar disorder but this decision is based on the condition of the person. What is the level of his/her bipolar disorder? then you can decide accordingly.
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I am bi-Polar. I have never been a threat to anyone but myself. I nearly succeeded at suicide 3 out of the 12 times I tried. I raised my son successfully, in poverty, while on and off my meds. He has just finished a 2 yr. Commitment to God as a missionary. He is in R.O.T.C. At College. He is happy well adjusted, motivated, intelligent and hard working. He has empathy for people with disabilities. That is where you are needed. Hillary said it and it is true..."It takes a village". If not for the great Coaches, volunteers, teachers, pastors, mental health facilities, etc... Things might have turned out bad. Be a friend to someone with a mental illness, the vast majority of us are harmless.
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My husband was bi-polar, he committed suicide two weeks ago. I too am bipolar, and in a lot of pain and terror....i loved him so very much, but not even my love in the end could save him. He shot himself in the head....I never knew he was that desperate to die. And now the family is putting fingers everywhere, except where they belong. I just want to greieve and remember my love, a beautiful man, kind, loving, sexy, tender, and what a joker I miss him so much. So, yes bi-polar can commit suicide
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Only in extreme cases of bipolar can radical behavior of the type you mentioned be a result of bi-polar disorder. I too have bipolar and have many a time been to a point where life has been unbearable and suicide has come into my head. With the correct medication and structure of my lifestyle these difficulty's have been overcome. All thoughts of suicide, homicide and homosexuality are now gone which is indeed a blessing. Try and get an appointment with your Local practitioner and inquire about what extra help you can acquire for child care.
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My 32 yr. Old daughter is bipolar and became very irritable lately. In lately I mean, six months. We keep waiting for the crash. Most recently she threatened to kill her 10 yr. Old son. She's even told me she's had it and wants to kill him. We had to involve athorities. We suspect she's been off her meds for three months. She holds a steady job. Lost her apartment five months ago and has been living in a motel. P.S. She abuses methamphetamines too.
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My beautiful, loving, smart, funny 11 year old daughter was murdered on August 3, 2010 by her bipolar 16 year old cousin.  He is my ex-husbands nephew and I had never met him he lived in another state with my children's grandmother.  While my girls were there visiting he woke up one morning and woke my older daughter up by trying to strangle her.  He then went to his room grabbed some knives he had under his bed and stabbed my 11 year old to death, then once again attacked my older daughter with the knife.  She is a miracle because she was not expected to survive and did.  I have since found out that he is bipolar and had been taken off his medication by his grandmother.
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ZUHAIL-YOUR POST is the most true and accurate of these. I have done some unpaid work in the field of mental health for a brief time and can say that "homicidal" tendencies come down to more someone with anti-social personality (sociopathic behavior) like someone with no conscience OR a schizophrenic disorder than anyone with bipolar disorder. This has been proven. Please read the DSM-IV to get more insight on these topics. Before one jumps to conclusions it's better to educate oneself. PENCIL-I am very sorry to hear about that and I wish you the best.
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Yea I killed my self cause I'm bipolar thats why I have time to answer question. Oh and suicide is a sin so could you figure out ho to get me a glass of ice watter

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