Can A Person Get HIV Through Saliva: I.e..drinking Water From The Same Cup..etc; From Someone How's HIV Pos?


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Ok first of all these people have not paid attention in Sex Ed. Ok so listen up! You can't get it through saliva unless you can gulf down 5 gallons in about 30 seconds if you try ill laugh cause its rather impossible unless your mouths that big :P.
You can only get it from.
-Sex with an hiv positive person.
-Oral sex with a Hiv positive person
-Skin to Skin Contact
-Using the same needle as a person with Hiv.
- and last If your born with hiv from a mother with hiv.
Hope I helped :P
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Yes...and it makes it even more easy to catch if you have a open cut in your mouth....
I suggested you not share drink's with any one its not healthy at all....
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I am not sure the Dr.'s say no but thy say every body fluid carry's the virus. I think you are safe as long as you don't have a cut on your lip. The virus is transferred true blood contact .
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Yes, because saliva contains the disease. But it you drink water from a Hiv postive does not always mean that you will get infected. You can get infected but it is not compulsory that you will get infected depending upon the condition of your immune system.
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no silly you have to drink 5 gallons of their spit to get it all at one time i may ad i know that is the field that some one i know works in
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I am a doctor, and I recently had a patient who contracted from drining bottled water whom he had recently shared with his partner, he thereby contracted a weak strain of HIV. If you are worried about your difficult situation. Contact this number, 07747307850 speak to them in confidience.

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