Can You Catch HIV From Sitting On The Same Toilet Seat As Some One With Hiv?


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HELL NO when the HIV virus is exposited to air it dies, so the chances of you grtting the virus on a toilet seat a none, reason being to get the virus fluids(blood, serum, discharges etc.) have to be in contact with one another that will be situations like during sex, using the same injections were blood is involved.  YES for hygen reasons keep the toilet clean. Bacterias could causes infections but NOT HIV. Try Google HIV.
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I say no one knows for absolute certain....though it is very unlikely...none the less if you use a public toilet mask it well! And here's a thought....if HIV virus dies as soon as it is exposed to air...why not treat those who have it with AIR! Well , that's because air does not kill it least I'd say I wouldn't bet on it!
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I doubt it... Unless the other person spilled bodily fluids there and before it was cleaned you sat there and rubbed your private parts there, and you could tell the fluids were "fresh"..... Maybe...

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