Pain In The Upper Right Arm And Shoulder, Did I Have A Stroke?


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Having pain in the right arm and shoulder is unlikely to be related to a stroke, however this is information is not given by a professional, therefore it would be wise to visit your local doctor just in case it is anything serious. The signs and symptoms of a stroke are different form person to person, however they are all very sudden. A stroke damages different parts of your brain and depending on which part of the brain it is, because each part of the brain controls something different, the systems will vary. The three main symptoms of a strokes, affects the face, arms and the speech. When having a stroke, the face will most likely fall on one side and some functions of the face might not function, such as the movement of the mouth and the blinking of the eyes, the arms will become weak and numb and the person will not be able to move there arms or hold them up for a short period of time, and their speech will not be able to speak properly, as their muscles will have been disabled, slurring their words.
However there are other symptoms caused by a stroke, such as dullness to the body, which may cause paralysis to parts of the body, sudden blindness, lightheadedness and very painful headaches. However if the stroke only lasts for an hour or less, it will most likely be a transient ischaemic attack, which is also known as a mini stroke. A transient ischaemic attack is normally a very serious sign that there is something wrong with the blood supply to your brain. If some has had a transient ischaemic attack, there is a one in ten chance of having a full stroke in the next four weeks. Strokes needs to be dealt with quickly and if you think you have had signs of a stroke, go to the doctors just in case.
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It could be that you did. I strongly suggest that you get to the hospital and get checked out. You don't want to have another one, and they sometimes come again after you've had one. Hope this helps, please keep safe.

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