What Could I Do For A Sore Shoulder? It Feels Like It Needs To Pop And I Can't Lift My Arm Too High.


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Shoulder Pain home remedy!

A) Can use Heat (Hot towels) to reduce the pain, or a hot water bottle, but don't completely rely on it,

b) Better still is the Indian technique, In a little bit of mustard oil, fry some garlic pieces, strain the oil and apply to the region. (Highly rich source for heat)

c) Cover with a warm mufler or crepe bandage. (keep protected as much as possible from the cold winds) (1 week regularly at night before going to bed)

d) if the pain still remains after regular applications of the above for 1 week then apply either a Voltaren gel or Volini gel or pain relief to reduce the pain,

e) if further pain remains then please visit your family doctor.

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