What Are The Chances Of A Guy Contracting HIV During A One-Minute Unprotected Vaginal Encounter With Someone Who's HIV Positive, But Asymptomatic?


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Just because someone is asymptomatic, it doesn't mean they can't pass the virus on to you.

If you've had unprotected sex with someone who's HIV positive, there is a serious risk that you might be infected too.

I'd recommend getting tested at the earliest possible opportunity.

Unprotected sex with an HIV-positive partner There are a number of factors in your specific case that may have an impact on your likelihood of catching the virus. However, I wouldn't take it for granted that this means you're safe.

Yes, vaginal sex is considered safer than anal sex, and yes, HIV is less likely to be spread from female to male. But this doesn't mean you should put off getting tested.

Vaginal fluids can carry the HIV virus in the same way that semen does, no matter how brief coitus is (although, seriously? One minute?).

The fact that your partner was asymptomatic doesn't really mean anything. In fact, most cases of HIV infection involve a partner who doesn't even know they have the disease in the first place.

As mentioned above, don't delay in getting tested. The earlier you get your tests back, the better!
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In this case, the risk factor is very low. Especially due to the short duration and the other thing is that it is only at an asymptomatic level. So chances are zero to get HIV but, for health reasons, you must consult a doctor as well.

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