Can HIV Stay Dormant For Ten Years And Not Be Detected.?


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HIV is detectable after 6 months of infection.
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They also claim that people can now live symptomless with HIV for years because of “antiretroviral” drugs.

There is a logical problem here: If a person is HIV positive and on the drugs how do they know that he/she is not just one of those who live with the virus naturally without symptoms? Like the alleged 21,000 in the UK.

For 25 years the doctors have said that there is a “dormancy period” between infection with the virus and the appearance of the actual AIDS diseases. Robert Gallo once claimed that the “dormancy period” could be 15 years or more.

If someone is “living with HIV” how do they know that the drugs are doing anything at all? How do they know that the person on the (very expensive) drugs is not just in the “dormancy period”?
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No. If you are HIV it will show up. Laying dormant does not mean it can't be detected it just basically goes to sleep.

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