What Causes A Dry Hacking Cough That Keeps You Awake At Night No Fever?


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If you are a smoker, you may be suffering smoker's cough.  Smoker’s cough can lead to devastating consequences if not addressed on time.

One of the most common natural home remedies for smoker’s cough is honey. With antioxidant and anti-inflammatory qualities, honey can prevent the accumulation of phlegm in the throat and protect the lungs from being destroyed due to smoking.

To get rid of smoker’s cough, you should consume one spoon of raw honey several times per day.

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First of all are you a smoker?Regardless you really should see your Dr. or health dept.As it could be a number of things,The mugus seems to drain more when you are lying down,Try using a vaporizer at night,Put some vick's vapour rub on the bottom of your feet.Helps the cough.

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