What Does A Swollen Ankle Mean?


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Your ankle is probably still swollen because it has undergone tremendous strain and trauma when you injured it. It will probably take a couple of months for the swelling to reduce and eventually go down.
Most doctors will inform you that this is perfectly normal. It can happen to anyone, whether just walking down the street or playing sport.
The only way to overcome the pain of the trauma is to support, protect and cushion the ankle at all times.
There could also be a risk of gout which is due to the amalgamation of uric acid crystals within the fluid of your ankle. Uric acid is dangerous as it is part of the digestive system and it helps to properly digest food and remove our body of waste.
Other things to watch out for include ankle arthritis which is far less common than degenerative changes in other joints. Yet this can cause a lot of pain but it is only for those who also suffer from rheumatoid arthritis, or in patients with a previous injury to the ankle area.
You should also watch out for any infection in the ankle area that can lead to septicaemia. These types of infections can either occur in the soft tissues around the ankle joint (cellulitis) or in the joint itself. This is known as the septic joint so be wary as this may require surgery. Above all you should seek out medical advice immediately.
Another minor ailment could be vascular obstruction due to lack of blood flow to the ankle. Numerous problems with blood flow can impair normal circulation and lead to swelling around the ankles.
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Having swollen ankles is never a good sign, especially if you don't know how you got the swelling in the first place. Doctors say that swollen ankles can very well be a symptom of heart failure; however swelling can also be caused by getting hurt on the ankle, so it is very important that you recognize the difference between the swellings that you can get by hurting yourself and a unknown swelling which you don't know how you got it.

This is a very common symptom of heart fail, this symptom is also known as oedema, this oedema is caused in an individual's body due to excessive fluid build up. The swelling can occur in three different places for example, the lower back, the ankles and the legs.
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Did you fall or trip during your usual activities? Just a small trip could cause a swollen ankle, depending on what was pulled. And yes, swollen ankles could also indicate heart problems.

Are you able to walk on it? Have you tried elevating the ankle and perhaps using an ice pack or a heating pad on it yet? Is the discomfort interfering with your daily activities?

I suggest that you think back, replaying the motions of the day your ankle started hurting in order to try to figure this out. However, if it hurts when you walk on it, I suggest that you get an X-Ray to be sure it isn't broken.

Please let me know what you find out.

Best of luck!

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I fell on the bus the other day. Trust me it was very painfull, but thank god I did not have any major bleeding, just a little cut. It was so embarasing! Everyone on the bus was shocked at how I fell trying to climb the stair to enter the bus, even me, so to speak. Anyway, I had to maintain my so called pride and act like it did not heart when it bloody did so. My ankle unfortunatly did not take it very well either and it has started to swell biger and biger by the day. I'm realy worried so please tell mw what could be causing it, why and whay should I do?
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Hello doctor,  I just returned home from a weekend away.  Last week my lower back was hurting, I didn't do that much walking while I was away (I went by plane), this morning I woke up and my feet were killing me and only got worse as the day went by.  I came home and removed my socks and my ankles and feet are twice my normal size. I am 48 year old female with strong heart problems in my family.  Dad died at 47 from heart desease, younger brother at age 35 had triple bypass and is living with only 30% of his heart working. Also, my sister at age 45 had open heart surgery as well.  I am alittle scared right now.  What would you recommend?  I did have my heart checked about a year ago, stress, echo and they said is was fine.  Please e-mail me your thoughts.  I can be reached at 716-913-5569.  Thank you so much.
Sincerely,  lisa arena
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My mom has swollen ankles and I'm very scared!!!! I do not want her 2 die is it possible she will?
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Peripheral edema in case of apparently "strong" heart could indicate right-sided heart failure and resulting "backing up" of the circulation going to the right atrium.  Would recommend complete echocardiogram study of heart to check size/shape of the heart chambers, and status of each of the valves.  If you do have a touch of this, be comforted that it can be lived with and treated, and has less severe consequences than left-sided or bilateral failure.
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It can also mean liver problems
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I don't know what you have done but mine is swollen and it hurts.  Best of luck to the both of us.

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