Are There Any STD's Which Could Cause White Patches At The Back Of The Throat?


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White patches in the back of the throat could be due to any number of causes. If you are a woman, white patches in the mouth could be a symptom of thrush. If it is down to thrush it could be potentially serious as although thrush isn't a serious condition, the white patches in the mouth can be and they can lead to Aids.

It is possible that it just could be a sore throat; however it is important to get it checked out if it is worrying you. It is possible that the STD 'Syphilis' may be to blame, and if this is the cause, the white patches will be slimy.

Overall, any white patches in the mouth should be checked out by a doctor. It could be something really trivial, or it could be something a little more serious. You will never know unless you get a proper diagnosis from a doctor.

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