What Could A Brown Spot On My Tonsils Mean?


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Brown spots on tonsils can mean many things, depending on a lot of different factors, such as the presence of pain; other symptoms like swollen tonsils; has the individual with the spot previously had tonsillitis or some other throat infection, etc.

  • Pitting
It could be pitting from where a little tonsil stone, something apparently quite common, has come out and left a little dent or hole, looking like a dark patch, behind.

  • Antibiotics
If the person having the brown spot is currently on antibiotics, a dark spot on tonsils could mean that there was a mild bacterial infection which is now beginning to get better. In this case, the spot is a good sign, because it means that the antibiotics are killing the bacteria off.

  • Minor Injury
It could also be a case of something having caught on the tonsil while swallowing, causing a tiny tear or cut which is now healing. If this is the case, the spot should disappear in the near future.

  • Cyst or Abscess
There is also a small chance that the patch is the beginning of a small cyst, abscess or, in the worst case scenario, a tumor or throat cancer.

  • Suggested Actions
According to most of the sources, if there is no pain, then it is likely to be just a minor problem and gargling with saltwater may well clear this spot up very quickly.

If there is pain, if the spot appears to be growing, or if other symptoms are experienced, a doctor should be consulted.

As we do not have enough medical knowledge to give an authoritative answer, we tend to agree with the final suggestion. Seeking medical advice, in particular if in pain, is definitely the best possible way to be sure of the cause and get appropriate treatment.
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You must see the doctor soon. It can be patches of puss cells that can trigger your tonsils more.

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