What Is The ICD Code For Eyeglasses After Cataract Surgery Please?


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The code may differ for different medical centres and insurance companies, but usually, the code you will need to use in order to file a claim for eye glasses after your surgery will be 366.00.
Before filing the claim, you may want to be sure the code above is the correct one for your claim so you can save yourself alot of time if the code is returned incorrect and the claim unsuccessful.
The first thing you can do is contact your doctor who should be able to inform you of the code you need in order to file a claim for new eye glasses after your cataract surgery.  If you are unable to get in touch with your doctor, then try writing a simple letter to the surgery or medical practice that dealt with your cataracts procedure. A simple letter or phone call should confirm what you need to know and then you are safe in the knowledge that the information you have is correct and that you'll be able to claim your eye glasses, which are exceptionally important after such an operation.
You may even be able to speak to your health insurance company, who should have some knowledge on ICD codes for different procedures, operations and claims and again, just writing a simple letter and asking for the code and stating your request for eye glasses after a cataract operation should help you get the correct code you need.
Any of the above people and sources should be able to help you with your claim, and before claiming anything, you should always be absolutely certain that the ICD code is correct as anything incorrect could stop your claim going through.
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The ICD-9 code for eyeglasses after cataract surgery is 366.00 - 366.9. For more details, visit ICD code for eyeglasses after cataract surgery.

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