Are All Lower Lung Nodules Cancerous?


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Lung nodules are small and rounded masses  in lungs which appear white shadow in CT scan or chest x-ray. Not all lung nodules are cancerous. Usually, these nodules are non cancerous but some can be cancerous.
If there is no change in the appearance, size and shape of lung nodules in second x-ray or Ct scan then these are non cancerous. If second x-ray or Ct scan show any change in their appearance, shape and size then further investigations like biopsy is recommended for final diagnosis of the cancer.
non cancerous lung nodules can be due to TB, lung cysts, vascular problems and  histoplasmosis.
You need further investigations for increased size of lung nodules.

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I am 30 years of age and have recently had a CT scan which showed noduels on my right lung and also my right Breast, My consultant has stated that she believes these to be non cancerous, but my fear is they may grow, can i opt fro these to be removed as i have constant shortness of breath

I am so worried and scared and your comments would mean the world to me.

Thank You Melinda

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