What Does Bv Look Like?


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marian zenith answered
Yes and that happens because of the infection or bacteria and when its gets to that stage,you must find a way out by seeking a medical adviser.
Laura Wilde Profile
Laura Wilde answered
If the discharge is  green and smells  bad you got a bacterial infection....Vaginitis normally makes you itch.  If your not experiencing itching, odor, or colored discharge your probably okay.  It's normal to have discharge that looks like egg whites.  You will notice this mostly around the time that you ovulate.
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Kathy Castillo answered
This may be a symptom of vaginitis, or it may be the symptom of something else. Then again, it may not be the symptom of anything as the vagina does secrete discharge without having an infection. (this would be the body's natural lubrication). Do you have any fevers, chills, pain, bleeding, or other symptoms? If you do not have any other symptoms, then it is probably nothing to worry about. However, if it persists continuously or gets worse, then you should seek some tests and advise from your medical doctor.

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