IF The Saliva Of An HIV Patient Directly Mixes With Blood Of A Healthy Person, Will It Cause AIDS?


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It has been found out by many studies that saliva does not transmit AIDS because the amount of HIV in it is very low. Therefore, there is no great danger even if it mixes with the blood of healthy individuals.
However, if the saliva has visible traces of blood, for example from bleeding gums etc then you should be cautious about it and should not allow it to come into contact with another person's blood. It is the same with biting. If while biting there is a wound in the mouth that bleeds, then probably you should get an anti HIV injection from a hospital as soon as possible after being bitten. Otherwise biting isn't much of a danger either.

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My 2 year old son was playing with my brother who has HIV. My son bit my brother but didnt brake skin and also stuck his finger by accident and later put his fingers in his mouth will he be ok or should I have him checked. My brother said he's fine but I still worry. Should I
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no the HIV in saliva is so low it would take pints and pints of saliva it's impossible

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