Why Would You Have Cold Chills, No Fever?


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There could be many problems, but you could do with going to see your doctor about your blood count. This is a common test that is performed on people that complain about this issue. If you constantly suffer from this problem, however, you might have some kind of condition that the doctor is going to need to treat. Firstly though, let’s consider cold weather and chills.

A chilled feeling can be a result of being exposed to cold weather. As well as having a fever, this cause can send the body into a response state whereby there will be goose bumps all over the skin. The body will also begin to shiver in order to remain warm. Then when the body no longer feels that it is threatened by the cold, the chills and the side effects of the chill will subside completely. By just wearing adequate clothing you can avoid this kind of chill.

Diseases can produce chilled feelings too, though. Illnesses like the fly and bacterial infections can be causes, too. They can produce a chilled feeling within the body due to the reaction of the immune system in being able to fight the infection. The body will have signals being sent to the brain to increase the temperature of the body, and side effects like shivering will begin to occur.

Some of the commonest ailments that cause chills are generally flue, bacterial infections, malaria, pneumonia, autoimmune disorders, strep throat and even something like menopause. Medications can even cause chills.

With all these potential causes being outlined above, then it makes complete sense to go and see your doctor. They will be able to give you all the advice and treatment that you’re going to require to get over the problem and remain a healthy individual well into the future.
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Cold chills are a result of fever. If you have been diagnosed not having fever then I'm not sure but when you have pyrexia (fever) even though this is an increase in body temperature it is localized to the core and your extremities and peripheral muscles will still feel cold as blood is being diverted from them
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Sir, I would most thankful to you if you kindly advise me a clear diagnose:
From last 20 days I feel light chill from 1000-1200 hours daily. I reported to Doctor he advised me for blood test and it was found that I have Typhoid. He given me medicines for one week but still I am facing chill. What is this disease. Is it connection with Typhoid?
Perhaps you are cold.

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