So How Do I Forgive The People Who Have Caused Me So Much Pain From Years Ago, That It Still Hurts Me To This Very Persent Time?


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Being a Muslim we believe that ALLAH loves people who have the ability to forgive others and we have a better and good example of our Prophet (PBUH). In one hadith Prophet (PBUH) said that Allah has commanded him about nine things. One of them he mentioned was that 'I forgive those who do wrong to me.' He was the most forgiving person. He was always ready to forgive his enemies.

I know being a human it's very difficult to forgive someone who hurt you but believe you me that satisfaction you will feel at that time is amazing. Leave up to God. No one is perfect, sometimes you don't want to hurt anyone but it was done unintentionally, then how should you expect that God will forgive you, while you do not forgive those who do wrong with you.

If you too want to hurt that person so what's the difference between you and him. Develop this habit to forgive people, in start you may feel it difficult for you but after that you will be satisfied and your life will become haven. Build the quality of love and forgiveness in yourself and make them the main object of your life. When you build that pattern no one will be able to hurt you again.
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Forgiveness can be very difficult sometimes, but if you are able to forgive someone who has wronged you and caused pain in your life, you will demonstrate to yourself and to others your strength of character and your resilience.

To forgive someone does not mean that you should forget, or deny the pain that you have suffered, and nobody expects this of you. Forgiveness will, however, help you to experience healing as you are making it clear to yourself and to others that you are ready to move on, to continue your life and put all the anger and resentment behind you.

Forgiveness should not be a merely outward gesture to make someone else feel better. You should only offer someone forgiveness, if you truly believe inside that you can genuinely forgive, with no strings attached. This will, most likely, serve as a true blessing for the person who has wronged you, but even more importantly, it will help bring about closure in your own life. I wish you all the best and hope that you can find the necessary courage and strength to forgive.
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Forgiving this act that was done to you, it will not be easy, until you decide that you are now hurting yourself and poisoning yourself with this memory. When you make that decision, with or without their participation, you can stop hurting yourself with this memory.
Ask yourself why you are holding on to this, what purpose is it serving you, what are you getting out of it, if you decide nothing, then let it go.
Making a concious decision to forgive someone is not easy, but if you stay stuck, they still have the ability to hurt you.
Sometimes it helps to write a letter expressing what pain they caused you and how you felt, putting your thoughts down on paper can be cathartic.
Then destroy it, and discipline yourself that when this thought arises again, you will overwrite it with a good one. So when it comes up, you bring up the good thought of something pleasant.
It may not happen immediately, but with time it will get better.
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Forgiving some is a best quality of a person.

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