Can pyrantel pamoate kill tapeworms?


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No, Pyrantel Pamoate cannot kill tapeworms, and is completely ineffective against them.  Pyrantel Panoate is sometimes used, however, within drugs containing other ingredients to attack tapeworms.

What does Pyrantel Pamoate kill?

Pyrantel Pamoate is primarily used as a treatment against roundworms and hookworms.  Pets often contract these worms if they eat faeces or soil.

Pyrantel Pamoate is effective because it paralyses roundworms and hookworms so they can't attach themselves to the animal's intestines.  Once that's happened, the animal can then get rid of the worms through its faeces. 

So what DOES kill tapeworms?

There are several drugs that kill tapeworms in animals, including Droncit and Drontal Plus, amongst others.  If you suspect your animal has tapeworms it's important to get in touch with a vet to arrange for a check-up.  To avoid tapeworms you should stop your pet eating raw meat and make sure that they're treated for fleas.

Here's an animated video that describes the life cycle of a tapeworm.  To be honest, thinking about them for too long makes my stomach churn!

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