Is Itching A Sign Of HIV Infection?


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Itching is not commonly associated with HIV infection - but, if you've risked exposure to the virus, I'd recommend you get tested anyway.

The only way you'll get any peace of mind is to visit a sexual health clinic.

Get yourself tested for HIV
Even though itching isn't usually a sign of HIV, I really suggest you get yourself checked out. I know just how bad it feels to suspect you have an STD, as I have first-hand experience of this.

I had been having unprotected sex with my girlfriend for several months when, during a night out in Colchester, I ended up sleeping with a woman I'd met in a bar.

Following this encounter, I began developing a sore throat, headache, and white patches on my tongue. I was certain I'd caught HIV!!!

What made things worse was that - although we were having vaginal, not anal sex - when I pulled out, I noticed specks of blood around the base of my penis. (As you may know, HIV is very easily spread through contact with infected blood.)

I then had to return back home to my girlfriend, with the knowledge that, through my stupid actions, I might have become infected with HIV.

This put me off having sex with her (for fear of passing the disease on), and I had trouble sleeping at night because I was so worried.

In the end, I decided to visit an STD clinic and (thank God) I tested negative.

Why you should take an HIV test
I can't begin to explain how much relief I felt when I got the test results back! So my advice would be that, if you're worried at all, you should definitely make an appointment and take the test. Reading about possible symptoms online will only worry you more.

In the UK, more HIV information can be found on the NHS website, whilst my American friends should have a look at the National HIV and STD Testing Resource website.
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It's not common in HIV but is more common in sexually-transmitted diseases like syphilis, gonorrhea etc...

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