What Would Be An X-ray Report Of Bronchitis?


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I have bad bronchitis which is not going away, with painful cough and a host of weird wheezing, popping,groaning and wailing noises from my bronchial tubes, making me sound like a zombie. None of it showed up on an x-ray.
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Bronchitis is basically the inflammation of the bronchi, or breathing tubes. It is a lung disease and often characterized by persistent bouts of sputum production, often with infections and evidence of airway obstruction. There are several types of bronchitis such as acute bronchitis, chronic bronchitis, asthmatic bronchitis etc.

In most of the lung diseases X-ray scan shows a tumour like structure that is actually the disorder that is causing the disease. But in the case of Bronchitis neither an X-ray nor a CT-scan can effectively detect its presence. If there are no symptoms or the regular signs of bronchitis then it has to be ascertained with the help of other clinically determined diagnosis. Therefore if you have any doubts the best way is to contact a doctor and undergo a through check up rather than aggravate the problem by delaying it.

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