How Do I Know I Have Bronchitis?


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Bronchitis is a cough that involves the Bronchi (in your lungs - you can't see them)
Once you've had it you won't forget the symptoms. Its a dry hacking cough. I often feel like there is a bubble in my throat that I am trying to cough out.
I had it the year before my daughter was born and the year after that and the year after that and the year after that..
When I get bronchitis, there is no doubt in my mind
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There are a few symptoms of bronchitis which can show the person that he has bronchitis. The first symptom is the frequent cough and if cough produces mucus then there are more chances of bronchitis. Second symptom is lack of energy like victim will feel tiring and exhausted. Third symptom is wheezing sound which comes out when the patient breaths. Another symptom is fever which is usually complained by the patients but it is not necessary that a bronchitis patient must have fever. If you think that you are showing first three symptoms then you should visit your doctor.

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